An Electric Can Opener That Shoppers Have Dubbed Their ‘Favorite Kitchen Gadget’ Is Trending on Amazon Today

Home chefs at any skill level know that reliable kitchen gadgets can save time and energy. And, yes, that includes smaller essentials. So if you’re making a meal that includes ingredients from a can — be it a tuna for a sandwich or tomatoes for a pasta sauce — you’ll want a sturdy can opener that’s easy to use.
Start with the Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener 2.0, which is currently trending on Amazon, according to the retailer. An updated version of the brand’s previous electric can opener, this model has a tilted blade that makes it a breeze to open all kinds of cans of different shapes and sizes — that even includes cans with curved bodies.
Once the handy gadget is situated on the rim of the can, it only takes three steps to open it: Start by pushing the button, then wait for it to rotate 360 degrees, and push it again to stop it. Not only does it quickly open the can — no pull tabs or hard-to-turn knobs necessary — but it also leaves smooth edges.

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