7 Winter Fruits Packed With Wellness Benefits

Many people tend to think of fruit as a summer food. But you may not know that there are plenty of options of fresh healthy fruit available throughout the winter.
The cold weather months are prime time for citrus in the US, but there are many other fruits that can give you a vitamin boost and can help your immune system function at its best, according to Everyday Health. Check out these seven best fruits to eat during the winter.
Citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, clementines, grapefruit, and lemons are available fresh throughout the winter, according to The Spruce Eats. Oranges and other citrus fruits pack quite a punch of vitamin C which helps your body produce white blood cells to help fight off viruses and bacteria. Just one orange contains 82 mg of vitamin C. But that’s not all, citrus fruits also contain a large amount of fiber too.
Grapefruits contain lycopene which is an antioxidant that can help protect your cells from oxidation which could cause chronic diseases including some cancers, stressed Everyday Health. 
These juicy berries are a superfruit because of the vitamins and minerals they contain. The antioxidants in strawberries could help prevent some chronic diseases like  cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These berries are great for diabetics because the fruit could help control blood sugar. Strawberries are also a great source of hydration.

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