6 sustainable fashion trends for 2021

The latest trend taking the fashion world by storm is sustainability. Lifestyle Expert, Yesenia De Avila shares what creative designers, the retail world and new brands are doing to make the fashion world more sustainable for the planet.

H&M’s new collection is all sustainable. Lots of brands are focusing on making the production and environment in which these garments are made more eco-friendly. H&M is launching a new line called “The Color Story” collection which uses upcycled fabrics, creative, cutting-edge dyeing techniques such as biotechnology and plant-based pigments like pomegranate for the new collection. This is an innovative way of doing eco-friendly fashion that hasn’t been seen before.

High-end designer, Raul Peñaranda has been designing sustainably from the start by being cruelty-free and not mass producing. In his latest collection for Spring 2021 “FREQUENCY”, he re-crafted pieces from his previous collection into his new collection for a fraction of the price. Therefore, minimizing fabric waste and upcycling with old materials. A new trend where you don’t sacrifice style and it’s often times more affordable.

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