2021 Columbus Monthly Spring Fashion

This spring, local fashion enthusiasts remind us to seize the day when it comes to freshening our looks. The season of renewal calls for an entire refresh in 2021.

“In a lot of ways, I think we’re looking for a pick-me-up,” says Columbus College of Art & Design fashion department chair Suzanne Cotton on finding a balance between comfort and style this spring.

While trends remain casual as social distancing protocols continue and vaccinations become widely available, warmer weather coupled with a desire for change may be just the spark we need to reinvigorate our wardrobes.

After a period of dormancy, this fashion season invites us to determine our own rules. Are we influenced by street style? Are we interested in sustainable and ethically produced apparel? Do we want to support independent designers and brands that prioritize racial and size inclusivity? Are we shopping for American-made clothing?

However you choose to approach your personal styling, seek special items that enhance your sense of well-being and offer excitement. “A really beautiful color—even if it’s a sweatshirt—I think it can brighten your mood,” says Cotton.

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