10 Fashion Hacks You Should Know About

Stains on your new top, loose hanging threads, or noticeable cut marks on heels; well, these are some of the common fashion disasters we all face in our day-to-day lives. As irksome it may sound but you don’t need to go bananas over the same.
You can simply use some clever fashion hacks that can come in handy when such style catastrophes come calling in! Wonder what are those? Read on to get more clarity over it and bookmark them to apply it whenever you find yourself in a fashion emergency! Here are 12 fashion hacks that can come to your rescue at any time:
Make the clothes Bobble-free Got any sweaters or clothes piled up in the corner of your closet because they have piles of bobbles over them? Get rid of the bobbles and pills by simply rubbing a pumice stone or using a razor over it. You can also use a lint roller to keep the clothes lint and bobble free!

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