With NHL Draft lottery win, Sabres have chance to take franchise from dumpster fire to respectability


When NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly turned over the card at Wednesday’s 2021 NHL Draft Lottery to show that the Sabres would hold the No. 1 overall pick in July’s draft, Buffalo general manager Kevyn Adams looked like a happy guy — for a second. Then, he looked like a guy who just got the weight of the world put on his shoulders.

“It was a challenging season, lot of adversity,” Adams said. “We were in the position we were in, and you certainly don’t want to be there, but that’s the reality. . . . To have this fall our way, to be in this position it’s, oh, it makes some of the things we went through this year feel a little bit better about it. It’s a huge opportunity for our franchise to improve. I feel like this is a really big step, something we needed and [are] excited about.”

“Challenging season” is an understatement. Things have not been good in Western New York for quite a while.

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