NY prosecutors seek cooperation from Trump Organization


Calamari, the chief operating officer of the Trump Organization, is among a small group of top company executives with a close relationship to Trump who could possibly help prosecutors in their ongoing investigation.

Two years into the criminal investigation, prosecutors do not appear to have convinced anyone who works at the Trump Organization to cooperate against former President Donald Trump, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Under New York state law, McConney received immunity and is required to answer prosecutors’ questions.

Because Trump doesn’t use email, prosecutors would likely need a witness to testify about his intent and his understanding of the law to have grounds to charge him with a crime. Prosecutors have not charged Trump with any crime.

Calamari, and his son Matthew Calamari Jr., who also works at the company, have been under scrutiny by prosecutors over whether they properly paid taxes on subsidized rent and cars they received as benefits from the company, CNN has previously reported.

The Calamaris weren’t indicted earlier this month when the Manhattan district attorney’s office charged the company and Weisselberg, with a 15-year alleged tax scheme, saying they systematically avoided paying payroll taxes and income taxes on fringe benefits including rent-free apartments, cars and private school tuition.

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