Nogizaka46 Shoots to No. 1 on Japan Hot 100 With Over 700K CDs Sold


Nogizaka46’s “Gomenne Fingers Crossed” soars to No. 1 on the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated June 7 to 13, selling 704,346 CDs in its first week. The popular girl group’s new single sold more copies than its predecessor, “Boku Ha Boku Wo Suki Ni Naru” (678,684 copies), to lead sales and look-ups, while also coming in at No. 6 for radio airplay, No. 15 for downloads, No. 19 for Twitter mentions, and No. 83 for video views.

After leading the tally for two straight weeks,BTS ’ “Butter” slips to No. 2, but continues to hold the top spots for streaming, video and Twitter. While the figures are tapering off — streams are down from last week’s 18,729,013 to 16,133,460, video views are also down from 11,348,160 to 7,309,315 views — the numbers themselves are still far greater than the tracks at No. 2 and beyond. “Butter” has logged its third week atop the Billboard Hot 100, and continues to maintain enough momentum to return to No. 1 in Japan.

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