Niall McNamee drops nostalgic, romantic music video for ‘Step By Step’


singer/songwriter, Niall McNamee has just unveiled the stunning visuals for his track “Step By Step,” filmed and directed by Lee Malone. The gorgeous single is part of his new EP, also entitled Step By Step, a selection of beautiful, storytelling, folky tunes. “Step By Step” tells a tale of a romantic whirlwind that leaves an imprint on your mind. McNamee takes us through this dreamy encounter, creating a soundscape which drips in warmth and tender, raw moments, while Malone perfectly captures the visual aspect.

The video is a breathtaking short film of two lovers at a distance before being reunited with a little help from an old treasure map. Their embrace is totally potent and emotional as they spend the rest of the night curled up by the comforting light of the fire. The video has a nostalgic sepia-toned essence, bursting with romance and longing, giving us an insight to the powerful ability a memory has.

“Step By Step” is a wholesome single taking us through the emotions in a dynamic ride throughout. The uplifting, upbeat moments point out the adrenaline and excitement of a passionate romance, whilst slower moments give us a sense of longing. Hitting the nail on the head both visually and lyrically, the result is something which is truly captivating and emotive.