Music teacher hits all the right notes serving the community for over 45 years


After over 45 years of music education, Carla Doles is being honored for the impact she has made to many in the community. Doles gave 27 years to Carroll High School of Northwest Allen County Schools and 18 years to Norwell High School in Ossian. Many gathered to celebrate her retirement on Saturday.

July 17 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. family, friends, and those impacted by Doles gathered to celebrate. Guest speakers, live performances, a gift presentation and a tribute music video were featured throughout the celebration. Doles was also given a transcription recognizing her work and career as entered by Rep. Jim Banks into the Congressional Record.

Sarah Roberts Hoos, who organized the event, said that Doles has left a lasting impact on so many young people over her decades in education.

“Music in education is so pivotal to I think young people’s development,” said Robert Hoos. “We can’t just focus on STEM, although we love STEM what stands it for and what it does for our community but music education shapes the mind.

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