Merchant Tailor & Ferdinand von Hapsburg launch sustainable team kit

he sustainable apparel designer and merchandiser Merchant Tailor has joined forces with Ferdinand von Hapsburg, the APR racing driver, to launch the APR team kit, sourced from ocean plastic and other recycled materials. The collection of sweats, tees and caps celebrates Hapsburg’s recent gear change to offset his carbon emissions to a tenth of a tonne.

Merchant Tailor and Hapsburg will collaborate on a series of new sustainable collections, they said in a joint press release. The apparel designer has also announced the launch of its own brand 8SIX400, a sustainable, motorsport apparel collection made entirely from recycled materials. The number 86400 refers to the number of seconds in a 24-hour day.

As Ferdinand will be competing for APR at the European Lemans under his Green Future Project and Drive Fast, Act Faster environmental campaigns, these logos and their pioneering message remain forefront in the designs.

Drive Fast, Act Faster has been an incredible journey to date. It’s only been made possible by partners such as Merchant Tailor who understand that change is incremental and about choices. As a company, its sustainability credentials are superb and its mission to provide purely sustainable solutions is the future of this and every sport,” said Hapsburg.

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