Introducing Folk-Pop-Country Group Storm & Stone


After the release earlier this year of their debut single ‘Bad’, which has been streamed 50k times on Spotify, Storm & Stone’s newest release is ‘Town That Made Me’ which is set to feature in the to-be-released Australian movie ‘Love You Like That’ starring John Jarrett and Mitchell Hope. “We’ve been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by talented and inspiring people on our journey through life,” the band states.

“When we were recording this song, we wanted it to be infused with the immense amount of gratitude we feel for the community of family, friends and people that helped make us who we are today. We’re a family band that have the pleasure of singing and writing together. We were all born in the same room, in a tiny, two-bedroom miner’s cottage in the Blue Mountains.

Family and supporting one another has always been at the forefront of what we’ve done in our lives, and in our music too. It’s how we ended up coming together. We sound like… Fleetwood Mac, Mumford & Sons and Dolly Parton decided to have kids, and out we came. We have a fluid and blended approach to music, and this really reflects in the kind of music we make. We mostly fall into folk/ pop/ country music.