How Stylists and Fashion Editors Find Special Designer Pieces No One Else Has


a person walking down a street: Getty Images

Over the years, we’ve shared a handful of fashion secrets, from the expert-approved tricks that will help enhance your outfits to the ways to shop some super secret sales. But, when it comes to helping you find the best online thrift stores, we’ll fully admit we were hesitant to spill.

After all, these are the places that celebrities, their stylists, and well-dressed fashion editors love to frequent, allowing them to scoop up rare clothing items and accessories that both suit the current trends and feel unique to their personal style.

A lot of the time, it’s a full-on race to click, DM, or autofill your info before someone else can beat you to it, and the more people who follow along and obsessively peruse like us, the slimmer our chances are of snagging that dream bag, dress, or piece of jewelry.

However, we’re also of the mindset that sharing is caring, and that is fashion is supposed to be fun. There’s really enough to go around for everyone — especially when the list of places to shop for unique vintage finds is this long.

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