Everything We Saw At Today’s Xbox Developer Direct

Today Microsoft held its Developer Direct presentation, focusing on a number of new games coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass. We got a fresh look at some anticipated titles, as well as a neat little rhythmic surprise from the developers of The Evil Within. But enough chatter, let’s get into what Microsoft showed off today.
Minecraft Legends
We first learned of Minecraft Legends last year. A spin-off of the ultra-popular sandbox survival game, Legends is, perhaps unexpectedly, a multiplayer action-strategy game. Legends will have both a narrative co-op mode, as well as a PvP mode with procedurally generated environments, which is much of what we saw today. 
Forza Motorsport
The folks over at Turn 10 showed off some wildly pretty footage of the upcoming Forza Motorsport, which is expected to arrive this year. This presentation focused on the finer details of Motorsport’s visual flair, including highly detailed dirt, damage, and “battle scars” that’ll build up on your digital cars, as well as extra detail added to the game’s dynamic time of day and trackside vegetation. Cars are also expected to get more realistic physical behaviors, with improvements to the suspension and exhaust.
Hi-Fi Rush
Surely we’ve all thought “why can’t we take down corporate overlords in a brightly colored action game with rhythmic action cues? Oh, and made by the folks who did The Evil Within.” Well think no more: Hi-Fi Rush was today’s biggest surprise, putting players in the role of an aspiring rock star with a rhythmic robot arm who kicks butt on the beat with a flying V guitar…which makes sense as that’s about all a flying V is good for. It looks like good fun, and by the way, it’s coming out today! On Game Pass, even.
While last year was a little lacking in terms of exclusives for Xbox and Game Pass, with High On Life being perhaps the most notable, 2023 is certainly looking a bit more action packed. Bethesda’s much-hyped, much-delayed Starfield is also supposed out, in June no less. Think they’re gonna stick it this time?

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