Does photography need the AI disruption?


A decade-long trend in photography is to post process images to the point where it no longer resembles reality, so it’s hardly surprising that AI image generators creating ‘photo realistic’ renderings are easily deceiving us.

There have been several recent high-profile incidents where AI image generators mimicking photography manage to trick the public, prompting pundits to share their collective fear about how the dystopian AI is encroaching on photography. If these photography pundits are to be believed, it’s only going to worsen as the AI becomes more advanced.
Petapixel, a famished news beast that pounces on any morsel involving AI and photography, ensures its readers receive daily updates on this grand new topic. Some articles are interesting and insightful, others are just filling holes in the news cycle.
Recent reports cover topics like Levi’s to use AI to generate custom avatars and ‘increase diversity’; viral AI images of Donald Trump being arrested; a fake AI image of a blinged-out Pope Francis wearing a fresh white puffer jacket; and how online romance scammers are generating AI portraits/deep fake footage to dupe vulnerable lonely middle-aged women, and so on.

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