Celebrate World Music Day and Pride Month with a carefully curated list of 10 international queer songs

This is part 1 of the three-part series Firstpost is doing on the occasion of World Music Day.

Back in 1969, when the US was a far more regressive society than it is today, and when masquerading as a member of another sex was considered a crime, the police invaded the gay club Stonewall Inn in New York City, with no idea that its repercussions would be felt over 50 years later.

It marked a watershed moment in America’s fight for equality and decriminalisation of gender choices and orientation. What started as an annual tradition to remind themselves of the perpetuity of the 1969 fight, continues today as the Pride Month, that is now observed around many more countries in the world.

The arts €” particularly music €” have over the years provided a great platform for honest expression about social constraints, stigma, ridicule, and immense anxiety. From fighting the big fight to managing heartbreak, anthem-like pickmeuppers to poignant reflection, music has been a powerful ally and source of catharsis.

It is impossible to do justice to the sheer richness of such musical works over decades, but here is presenting some incredible songs (in no particular order) that offer something for every mood.

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