Atlanta’s ‘Sealed Nectar’ fashion show celebrates the beauty of Black Muslim women


Women of Islamic faith are celebrated in an annual event that focuses on stylish and modest clothing

An inspiring fashion show in Atlanta is aiming to not only highlight but also celebrate the beauty and creativity of fashionable modern-day Black Muslim women.

When people think of Muslim women, impeccable fashion sense isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But N’aimah Abdullah, show coordinator for the 35th annual Sealed Nectar Fashion Show last month, has been a part of changing that perception.

The designer pushed the envelope this year by creating a cruise-themed Islamic fashion event complete with beachwear, tropical music, and a vacation-inspired runway.

“This is Black women showing their creativity and allowing themselves that place to shine,” Abdullah explained to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We’re the leaders in fashion and when you start talking about colors and styles and all of these different things — African American women have been unapologetically fashionable.”

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