Allure store opens in New York City


Located on Lafayette Street, the store offers an editorial-led selection of the world’s best beauty products and is designed to share Allure’s trusted voice through a 360-degree shopping experience. The curated selection includes over 280 makeup, haircare and skincare products from more than 150 brands, all of which have been handpicked by the brand’s beauty experts and previously featured in Allure.

The selection reflects Allure’s content themes and will include seasonal product changes. Meanwhile, a range of tech features offers an efficient shopping experience such as augmented reality to enable customers to try products virtually, and QR codes that drive customers to multimedia content for product information. Moreover, smart mirrors let users become creators by capturing created looks.

“We are so excited to open the doors to the Allure Store and welcome people who are already part of our audience and those who may be meeting Allure for the first time,” said Michelle Lee, Allure editor-in-chief. “This space provides an extraordinary opportunity to highlight Allure’s favorite brands, and gives shoppers the chance to experience our editors’ picks, including the Best of Beauty Award winners, all in one place.”