99% of Big Fashion Brands Don’t Disclose If Workers Are Paid Living Wages


The latest index released by the nonprofit Fashion Revolution shows that 99% of major fashion brands still aren’t transparent about living wages. In the new Fashion Transparency Index 2021, the industry was also called out on its lack of disclosure over Covid-19 response and climate action.

The Fashion Transparency Index 2021 tracks 250 of the world’s biggest brands and retailers in fashion. It is the sixth annual edition released by Fashion Revolution, a nonprofit founded in 2014 in the wake of the Rana Plaza building collapse, where more than a thousand garment workers died.

Fashion Revolution said that that progress is still “too slow”. Overall, brands achieved an average score of just 23% this year.

Companies that achieved the top overall scores include Italian group OVS, H&M, The North Face and Calvin Klein among others. The lowest performing brands—many of them scoring 0—include Roxy, Max Mara, Tory Burch, and Tom Ford.

99% of fashion brands don’t disclose living wages

Nearly all of the biggest fashion brands—99%—still don’t disclose the number of workers in their supply chain who are paid a living wage.

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